SunRNR Portable Solar Energy Solutions

SUN110 - 110/120 VAC Portable Renewable Energy Generator

2000+ Whrs stored, 3500W/7000W surge inverter. Rechargeable real-time or when idle by solar, wind, other.  Comes standard with one 135 W solar panel.

SUN220 - 220/240 VAC, 50 Hz Portable Renewable Energy Generator

2000+ Whrs stored, 3500W/7000W surge inverter. Rechargeable real-time or when idle by solar, wind, other. Comes standard with one 135 W solar panel.

SUNPWR Power Module for Expanding System

Add another 2000+ Whrs storage and 135+ W generation by quick-connect to main SUNRNR unit as shown here. A SUNPWR shares the SUN110, SUN220, SUN240, or SUNLION inverter doubling your energy generation and storage without doubling the price!  And like the main unit, it is rechargeable real-time or when idle by solar, wind, other and comes standard with one 135 W solar panel.

Note: System may be expanded by more units of any model (must have at least one SUN110, SUN220). They link as shown above, sharing battery power and allowing for more energy storage and generation.


Extra 135 W Solar Panel

Our most popular option! Double your charge rates!
Having a second panel halves the time required to recharge each SUNRNR. When ordered with unit purchase, we hinge this second panel to the first to retain portability and functionality. Panels measure 59.1"h x 26.3"w x  1.8"d in aluminum frame; 27.5 lbs.

Auxiliary Plug (12VDC in)

This plug with 2' wired cable allows for the easy integration of other 30-amp max renewable energy recharging methods such as a wind turbine, a microhydro turbine, or better yet, a kinetic energy source (see below).

Link Cord (12VDC out)

This cord (shown in Power Module picture above) allows for 12VDC directly from the battery. An excellent, efficient way to power DC equipment.

Kinetic Energy (bicycle) charging option

This clever power generation source may also be used to recharge your SUNRNR. We add our plug; you add bicycle and one energetic human. 

AC-DC Charger w/Auxiliary Plug

Although not necessarily the point, a SUNRNR's battery may be charged from the grid by the use of our AC-DC charger pre-wired with the applicable plug for connection to a units' auxiliary portal.

Additional Cord and Plug

If you wish to use your own panel, we offer a 30' cord w/plug for charging.  Panel must meet certain specifications. SUNRNR unit price will be discounted to reflect no-panel option.

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Portable Renewable
Energy Solutions

Power where you need it
Indoors or Out.
  • No Noise
  • No Gas
  • No Fumes
Power your essential electrical Needs
  • 2000+ watt hours
  • Power appliances and lights
  • Keep your computer and network running
  • Use on job sites for power tools
  • Have for emergency situations
  • Easy to use, no electrician required
  • Multiple recharging options