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We are an alternative energy - Solar Powered Generator & Renewable Energy Solutions company, located in Charlotte, NC.

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Providing a portable Solar Energy Storage Solution - alt dot Power is committed to working with each client to provide a clean, quiet solar power solution that fits their energy needs.

Is a portable solar energy solution right for me?

Are you currently using a gas powered generator for your power needs away from home or on the job site? Are you tired of the constant hum of the gas engine? You may be looking for a clean, quiet source of renewable energy for critical circuits in your home. The SunRNR may be just the energy solution you are looking for.

Ph. 704.258.2671
PO Box 690485
Charlotte, NC 28227-7009

SunRNR Portable Solar
Energy Solutions

Available in
  • 110-120 volt 60 Hz
  • 220-240 volt 60 Hz
  • Power Module - Doubles your stored energy
       (charge controller with battery storage)
Systeml Overview
  • Solar Panel -  two 140 watt
  • Charge Controller 
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Inverter (not installed in Power Module)